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Rutherford by night 2014Ruther­ford Hotel Nelson’s new­est con­fer­ence facil­ity has helped turn Nel­son from a good con­fer­ence des­tin­a­tion into a great one. Dur­ing the 18 months the 700-seat capa­city Maitai Room has been open, it has hos­ted some high pro­file nation­al con­fer­ences and helped put Nel­son on the con­fer­ence cir­cuit map.

Ruther­ford Hotel Nel­son has, in total, six con­fer­ence rooms offer­ing a range of facil­it­ies and capa­city. The Maitai Room can be split into two sep­ar­ate spaces hold­ing 300 and 400 people respect­ively. With break-out areas that can be used for work­shops and mas­ter­class ses­sions, and top notch cater­ing facil­it­ies on site, it’s hard to look past Ruther­ford Hotel Nel­son for a suc­cess­ful con­fer­ence. And, of course, Nel­son is a place every­one wants to vis­it. With its loc­al wine, food, craft beer and arts her­it­age, mar­kets and boutique retail plus three nation­al parks, the Great Taste Trail and world-class hos­pit­al­ity, there’s plenty to keep del­eg­ates inter­ested in between con­fer­ence appointments.

Ruther­ford Hotel Nel­son hos­ted some of New Zealand’s premi­er con­fer­ences in 2013 and 2014, includ­ing the pres­ti­gi­ous Nation­al Party Con­fer­ence and the 500 del­eg­ate Loc­al Gov­ern­ment NZ (LGNZ) Con­fer­ence. The NZ Mar­ine Sci­ences Soci­ety Con­fer­ence and the Aut­ism New Zea­l­and Con­fer­ence each had 200 plus del­eg­ates enjoy­ing Nel­son hos­pit­al­ity at Ruther­ford Hotel Nel­son. The con­fer­ence machine will swing into top gear in 2015 with sev­er­al 300 plus del­eg­ate con­fer­ences already booked, includ­ing the Cut­ting Edge Con­fer­ence, Aquacul­ture 2015 and Rotary Inter­na­tion­al Zone Conference.

So what’s so good about Ruther­ford Hotel Nel­son – apart from its capa­city and loc­a­tion? Man­ager Bevan McGil­licuddy says it’s all about the flex­ib­il­ity that the con­fer­ence space offers, the great ser­vice and excel­lent cuisine.

[quote by=“Malcolm Alex­an­der, Chief Exec­ut­ive, LGNZ”]

The Nelson/Tasman area was a fant­ast­ic region to host the annu­al LGNZ con­fer­ence. Ruther­ford Hotel Nel­son provided a great space for the large num­ber of del­eg­ates and it was ideal to hold everything under one roof.[/quote]

Outdoor courtyard high res image

We have well-trained staff who are exper­i­enced in hand­ling the con­fer­ence pro­cess. We offer a relaxed envir­on­ment, great exec­ut­ive hos­pit­al­ity and accom­mod­a­tion in a fab­ulous loc­a­tion. There’s an out­door court­yard for del­eg­ates to relax in or enjoy a bar­be­cue. We have two sep­ar­ate foy­er entrances, a built-in regis­tra­tion area, high ceil­ings so del­eg­ates don’t feel claus­tro­phobic and in-house state-of-the-art audio visu­al facil­it­ies.” The Maitai Room is on the ground floor with excel­lent access and capa­city for up to 60 trade displays.

On site we have our own Atom Café with cof­fee and home bak­ing,” says Bevan, “plus two res­taur­ants — and of course we can organ­ise off-site activ­it­ies with the region’s best tour­ism operators.”
Ruther­ford Hotel Nel­son has 113 well-appoin­ted hotel rooms and is a short walk from Nelson’s Tra­fal­gar Street – the heart of its retail, art, mar­ket and hos­pit­al­ity offer­ings – as well as the mag­ni­fi­cent Nel­son Cathed­ral and his­tor­ic South Street precinct.

It’s been a big under­tak­ing devel­op­ing a con­fer­ence facil­ity of this cal­ibre, but a reward­ing one. With Nelson’s world class tour­ism attrac­tions and its cent­ral loc­a­tion it seems quite likely that Ruther­ford Hotel Nel­son will be in high demand for some of New Zealand’s biggest and best conferences.

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