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Benny Ram­sey | Age? 22 | What? Dance gradu­ate and retail assist­ant | Your style? Preppy, naut­ic­al pat­terns, clean-cut | Stay­ing true to his self-described naut­ic­al style, Ram­sey opts for a simple striped shirt with rolled-up sleeves from Marcs. He teams this with cropped, skinny black jeans from SABA, brown leath­er lace-up boots from Ultra and, to give an extra dimen­sion to the ensemble, a brown leath­er belt from ASOS. Ram­sey cites James Dean as one of his fash­ion icons. We can see why.


Shesiedo Fre­deriks | Age? 30 | What? Com­mu­nic­a­tions man­ager and moth­er-to-be | Your style? Cas­u­al, with a bit of an edge | Claim­ing to be in her cas­u­al garb, Fre­deriks still looks chic to us. A fan of Jes­sica Alba’s style, Fre­deriks wears a trendy but relaxed look, includ­ing jump­er from ASOS, collared white shirt from Zara, bold-pat­terned loose pants from Stella McCart­ney and a Marc Jac­obs hand­bag. Fre­deriks also sports a baby bump, which is why she is wear­ing loose, com­fort­able clothing.


Jess Hall | Age? 26 | What? Bar­tender | Your style? Any­thing that I like and 1920s fash­ion | On her way to her job at the Black Spar­row, Hall is dressed in work-appro­pri­ate-but-fun attire, includ­ing a chif­fon and lace shirt tucked into a layered, high-waisted black skirt from Temt. Slung over her shoulder is a striped Coun­try Road bag, which along with her shoes, adds col­our. And, in case any­one wants to know, her deli­cious look­ing ice-cream access­ory is mango- and passion-fruit-flavoured.


Lee Kup­fer­man | Age? 27 | What? Pro­ject man­ager | Your style? Clas­sic, gut instinct | Kup­fer­man was a man of mod­esty around his abund­ant style. Des­pite describ­ing his look as “clas­sic”, he steers away from the more tra­di­tion­al black suit, adding a mod­ern spin in his bold blue selec­tion from Bark­ers. His blue and white checked shirt from Marcs com­pli­ments his suit jack­et and trousers, and he tops the look off with a pair of Mar­ley head­phones and a trusty leath­er satchel.




Holly Bagge

Holly has recently moved back to her home city after spending four years at Otago University completing her Bachelor of Arts in art history and media studies. She spends her days fuelling the public's caffeine addiction as a barista and hanging out at FishHead Towers fitting into her interning position. Bagge's position include visiting art galleries, reading, drinking tea obsessively and watching back-to-back episodes of Peep Show. She is a connoisseur of zombie films, one of her favourites being the original Dawn of the Dead. Much to her dismay, her last name is pronounced "bag" as in "plastic bag".

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