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Name: Cindy Hill | Age: 56 | From: Khan­dal­lah (but ori­gin­ally from the South Island) | Your style: Vin­tage and home-made | Fish­Head spot­ted Cindy Hill look­ing fab while work­ing in her Kel­burn store, dressed com­pletely in second-hand, vin­tage and home-made pieces. Her top, belt and scarf were vin­tage finds, some from Missy’s Room, and Hill amaz­ingly cre­ated her skirt from a table­cloth! Hill’s style is very much inspired by her vin­tage decor busi­ness and she tries not to buy any­thing new.


Name: Luke Steven­son | Age: 21 | From: Kel­burn | Style: Street chic | Steven­son was on a mis­sion to look at a flat when Fish­Head stopped him for a pho­to­graph. He looked cas­u­al and cool in a Levi’s shirt and Hannah’s shoes, com­plet­ing his look with Ray-Ban sun­nies – the per­fect ensemble for meet­ing poten­tial flatmates.

Robin and Eve

Names: Robin Van Der Sanden and Eve Luc­in­sky | Ages: Both 20 | From: Ger­aldine and Palmer­ston North | Style: Simple (and a little tom­boy­ish) | These two have the stu­dent style nailed down. Van Der Sanden had on a second-hand top, Wild Pair hat and Port­mans sun­nies, while opt­ing to cut her own divided jeans into shorts. Luc­in­sky also rocked DIY by cut­ting the tas­sels off her K‑Mart T‑shirt to cre­ate a cute crop. She wore sunglasses from Walk in Ward­robe, Shoe Con­nec­tion shoes and an Amer­ic­an Navy cap – from the actu­al US Navy!


Name: Grace Fuhr­er | Age: 19 | From: Karori | Style: Jet-set bohemi­an | Fuhr­er was a bohemi­an vis­ion, decked out in a dress and beads from her work as a retail assist­ant at Madis­on Rose, which she paired with shoes from Ultra. Her col­our palette was restric­ted to soft tones of beige and peach that looked great against her rich brown hair.


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