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The Color Run at Trentham Memorial Park, Wellington on March 30, 2014 (Photo By Daniel Panter / PictureThis / many, ‘run more’ or ‘get fit’ would have fea­tured in the hope­ful list of New Year’s res­ol­u­tions. If you are sit­ting there nod­ding your head and look­ing guiltily at run­ning shoes that have not moved since 2014, don’t worry — we have the hap­pi­est, and most col­our­ful, solu­tion to your prob­lem. The Col­or Run! This 5‑kilometre run is the answer to a hap­pi­er and health­i­er you.

The Col­or Run is a unique ‘fun-run-meets-fest­iv­al’ exper­i­ence, where run­ners are covered head to toe in a kal­eido­scope of col­oured powder. To top it all off, there is a ‘Fin­ish Fest­iv­al’, with music, food stalls and fam­ily activities.

So grab those sneak­ers, and head to to register. The Col­or Run is hap­pen­ing at 10am on Sunday, 29 March at Trentham Memori­al Park in Upper Hutt.

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