Tom’s May Café

Rel­at­ive new­comers Maranui and Spruce Goose might get the views and the queues, but Ele­ments is still quietly serving brunch and lunch to Lyall Bay loc­als. The menu is hearty […]

Open day at Rathkeale

Not many Wel­ling­ton schools can offer their stu­dents a 50-hec­tare site to roam around, much less a Greek amphi­theatre, nat­ive bush and a river to swim in, which is why […]

On our way to being a Child Friendly City

On our way to being a Child Friendly City

If par­ents, or par­ents-to-be, didn’t already have count­less reas­ons to raise their off­spring in windy Wel­ling­ton, UNICEF and Wel­ling­ton City Coun­cil are adding to the list. It has been con­firmed that […]

Manu Mondays

Manu Mondays

If you’ve ever wondered how new stu­dents in Wel­ling­ton make friends, Jack Mayo proves that tak­ing that leap bey­ond shy intro­duc­tions can really pay off. Since mov­ing to Wel­ling­ton from Christchurch […]

Tom’s Café pick for April

Many fea­tures of Poneke betray its Mojo her­it­age, but with some not­able dif­fer­ences. For a start, the Mar­tin Bos­ley influ­ence means that there’s more emphas­is on meals, not just coffee […]

Health Spot

Are you con­cerned about your children’s feet? Tim Halpine from Act­ive Feet Podi­ary can help Many par­ents are con­cerned if their children’s feet point inwards or out­wards or appear to have […]