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Are you con­cerned about your children’s feet?

Tim Halpine from Act­ive Feet Podi­ary can help

Many par­ents are con­cerned if their children’s feet point inwards or out­wards or appear to have extremely flat arches. Chil­dren who are late walk­ers or com­plain of sore legs at night may need extra sup­port provided in their shoes. Adoles­cents fre­quently suf­fer a strain to the growth plate with­in the heel bone, suf­fer­ing par­tic­u­larly after sport. This con­di­tion may be caused by Sever’s Dis­ease, for which podi­at­rists may pre­scribe appro­pri­ate rest, stretch­ing exer­cises and soft orthot­ic devices. Early dia­gnos­is and treat­ment can assist your child in hav­ing a life­time of foot comfort.

We can treat a vari­ety of prob­lems that chil­dren can suf­fer with their feet. These issues range from warts on their feet (known as ver­ru­cae), ingrown toe­nails and fungal con­di­tions of the skin and toe­nails. We will explain the treat­ments provided and offer the best care pos­sible. For appoint­ments ring 04 473 8696.

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